Summer School 2013!!

The All Japan Kendo Federation has announced that the 39th Summer Seminar for foreign kendo leaders will be hosted by the All Japan Kendo Federation in July and August 2013.

The purpose of the seminar is to foster kendo leaders, or potential leaders, in each country. The curriculum of the seminar is intended to assist the participants to promote proper kendo in his/her country and give better instructions to his/her students after they get back to their own country.

1. Term: July 26 (FRI) – August 2 (FRI), 2013

2. Place: Gedatsukai Kenshu Center
(Kitamoto City, Saitama Pref., Approximately 1 hour from Tokyo by train)
3. Qualifications of Participants:

  • Officially registered members of the AKR and who are recommended by their state association, the AKR Kendo Board and President of the AKR.
  • Those who are instructors or potential instructors.
  • Those with Kendo 3 Dan up to 6 Dan, in principle.
  • Those who understand Japanese or English to some extent (because the language used at the seminar is Japanese and it is interpreted into English only).

Japanese nationals who have belonged (or will belong) to AKR for a short period (a few years) or who will return to Japan in near future, and those who currently live in Japan are not eligible.

Expected Number of Participants: Approximately 50 in total.

Up to $550 per participant may be allocated by the AKR to the successful applicant(s) as travel subsidies.

The AJKF and their sponsors will provide all food, accommodation and a small cash subsidy to assist with local travel costs.

Any AKR member interested in attending the Summer Seminar should complete the application form and submit to their state association.  Applicants will be informed of their nomination by 31/01/2013 and must commit to attend the full term of the Seminar, if selected.

The AJKF will announce the final selection of attendees by early May 2013.

Details and applications are available from your State Secretaries or your dojo.