Application by AKR members to be Examined in overseas countries

The following notice was sent to state affiliates of the AKR today.  This is for the attention of members who may wish to be examined in overseas, including in Japan.

Dear State Presidents and Secretaries, Sensei and Club Representatives,

This is for AKR members, or kendo/iaido/jodo players who are resident in Australia and may intend to apply to be examined in Japan or another foreign country.

If you are a kendo/iaido/jodo player and you reside in Australia, you must be an AKR Member if you wish to train at AKR affiliated dojo, be examined or have your current grade recognised.  If you wish to be examined by an overseas affiliate of FIK, you must be an AKR Member.  This includes Japan.

If you wish to apply to be examined overseas for kendo, iaido or jodo, please follow the below procedures.

  1. Apply to your dojo senior sensei for permission;
  2. If your sensei permits your application, you must then apply for approval from your state association;
  3. If your state association approves, you must then apply to the AKR;
  4. Then AKR will provide you with a certification of your current grade, certify your application and provide you with a letter of approval;
  5. When you have completed the above and the documents have been provided, you may then complete your application with the examining body.
  6. For your application to proceed, you must adhere to the AKR exam application procedures without fail.

Steps 1 – 4 can be completed by you on one application form.

AKR Members (or former members) who reside overseas for approximately a year or more, are strongly advised to join their local kendo association, where they must abide by and will be governed by the local rules and procedures for grading applications.

This policy is agreed to and followed by all FIK affiliated national kendo organisations.

The procedures to apply to be examined overseas are also explained in detail at, where you can also download the required application forms.

Kind regards,

Vivian Yung

AKR Secretary