AKR member selected for FIK Anti-Doping Hearing Panel.

The Australian Kendo Renmei is very proud to announce that one of our members has been selected as a member of the International Kendo Federation (FIK) Anti-Doping Hearing Panel.

The decision was made at the recent International Kendo Federation Board of Directors Meeting.

Catherine Hallgath of the Sydney Kendo Club in NSW, a former AKR Vice President and has represented Australia at World Kendo Championship events.  Those attributes, added to her experience as a lawyer were considerations when making the appointment.

The Hearing Panel has been established to consider appeals (if any) related to the use of prohibited drugs by competitors at international kendo competitions.

The Hearing Panel members are –

  • Norman Otani (USA): Lawyer, – Chairman of Hearing Panel;
  • Christian D’Orangeville (Canada): Veterinarian;
  • Shigeki Asahi (Japan):Doctor;
  • Nobuyuki Miyasaka (Japan): Doctor;
  • Paul-Otto Forstreuter (Germany): Doctor;
  • Catherine Hallgath (Australia): Lawyer;
  • Péter Sándor (Hungary): Lawyer.